It is good to develop the habit of tipping chauffeurs when they drive you excellently in their True Luxury Limousines. This is especially true when they transport you safely and efficiently to the Minnesota Inventors Congress. It has been the norm to tip waiters, but few people seem ready to do the same to a person who transports them in a cab or limo. In most cases, tipping is a matter of culture and the tipper’s social etiquettes.
Below are the reasons to tip your chauffeur.


Punctuality is a good reason for tipping the chauffeur. A driver who shows up on time every time and drives the car safely yet efficiently to ensure you arrive at the Congress right on time is worth tipping. The Inventors’ Congress, and other similar meetings, are serious in nature. Inventors take their time seriously. For this reason, a driver who ensures you leave and arrives on time understands that you are not in Minnesota as a tourist but for serious business.

A chauffeur who picks you up and delivers you on time shows appreciation for your time.

Good behavior

Chauffeurs should behave well. Like any other industry, you will find some professionals who do not adhere to this code. Instead, they are rude and unfriendly. Therefore, you ought to tip any chauffeur who is kind to you. One who behaves well to and from the Congress is worthy of a good tip and proper commendation. The saying that one good turn deserves another applies here. Do not hesitate to reward a well-behaved chauffeur with a good tip.

Safety standards

Chauffeurs need to transport all their passengers safely. It is possible to drive fast but safely to avoid wasting time on the road considering that the inventor needs to arrive at the meeting on time. There is no guarantee that all chauffeurs you come across will drive safely. Some are reckless and seem to thrive on driving dramatically and making passengers panic at the back of the limo. One who drives safely, smoothly and efficiently deserves a tip.


A luxury limo should be clean. It should be spick and span. It should be spotlessly clean considering the money clients pay to ride in the limo. Riding in such a limo is normal. However, you may have traveled in one or two luxury limos that were anything but clean. For this reason, you should not leave the limo without appreciating the chauffeur for keeping it clean for your ride. Such a driver is worth tipping too.

Extra services

Lastly, tip a chauffeur who performs extra services well. The main duty of the chauffeur is to ensure you reach your meeting and travel back home on time and safely. Some do their best to make you as comfortable as possible. They do stuff that clients should be doing themselves.

Of course, good chauffeurs are expected to observe cleanliness, safety standards, punctuality and good behavior. However, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating them for the great service they provide; considering that many more don’t observe these things. If s/he goes overboard and provides extra services, all the more reason to show appreciation by dishing out a tip.

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